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2013-03-17, 20:03
Hear lossless audio on the Streamer p2p radio.

Download Streamer 2.20 Player only (http://www.streamerp2p.com/sfiles/installstreamer.exe) (found here (http://www.streamerp2p.com/?page=download.htm))

Accept the defaults. Don't fiddle with anything. After installation, start Streamer 2.20 Player only. If you get an error message, it's likely that another program is using your ports 8000 and 8001. Don't panic. Click on the small button at upper left depicting a wrench. Click the tab labeled "Port." Enter 8002 in the "Audio / Unicast port (TCP)" field. Problem solved. In the unlikely event that yet another program is using your port 8002 and you get another error message, enter 8004 in the field -- you know the drill. Click the "Apply" button. Next, click the tab labeled "Speed," then under "Bandwidth allocation" enter 1499 in the "Upload" field. Enter 1499 in the "Download" field. Click "OK." Click the tab labeled "Player," click in a check mark in the box labeled "Use external player for Audio" and another check mark in the box labeled "Autostart external player." Click the "X" in upper right, closing the program.

Go to Back in FLAC (http://www.streamerp2p.com/?t=back+in+flac) or simply click here -> http://streamerp2p.com/images/stconnect3.gif (streamerp2p2://s=552eb602ad352610|n=Back%20in%20FLAC|b=1021|t=ogg |h=lnvuvnhimvxkbrkltwvdunvznsze|) to invoke Streamer p2p and your external player, which will begin playing the stream.

If you wish to use a different player, you will need to set your machine to open the .m3u extension with your preferred player. Die-hard Windows Media Player (and other DirectShow player) users will want to see this (http://www.afterdawn.com/guides/archive/how_to_play_ogg_files.cfm).

2013-03-18, 05:44
I assume this is intended only for Windows users?

2013-03-18, 13:43
I assume this is intended only for Windows users?

I used to run Windows apps using Wine in my Hardy Heron half of a dual boot, and found them to perform better than as native Windows. User d-tracks breaks it down here: http://streamerp2p.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=15&t=1092&start=0

As far as Mac goes, Darwine has merged with WineHQ: http://wiki.winehq.org/MacOSX . Good Hunting!

2013-03-20, 18:37

any ideas??

ive tried with VLC< foobar, and potplayer..