View Full Version : DHCP - two Squeeze with the same address

Nick Locke
2004-11-20, 05:58
Two Squeezeboxes. Restart them both and tell them to get an IP Address
automatically. Both get but that address only appears once in my
servers allocation list. It's always the second one to request the address
which appears in the list. Hardly surprisingly, strange behaviour results!

The simple work around is to "reserve" two client IP addresses "so that DHCP
always gives the same address out in response to a request from a given MAC
address". I now have and working just fine. Both
addresses were still assigned by DHCP, but with the server under strict
instructions to allocate those specific addresses.

Obviously some odd interaction (or lack of it) between the boxes and the DHCP
server. Not important as I'm happy with the reserved addresses, but
interesting nonetheless.