View Full Version : Spotify app not streaming audio

will biddle
2013-03-16, 08:45
Hi there, running LMS on a stand alone PC ethernet wired to a BT homehub. Have a squeezebox duet, and ipeng on ipad and iphone. Windows 7 firewall on PC.
All music library streams OK, as does other apps such as soundcloud and tunein radio, but both Spotify apps (official and triode version) are searching and finding music, but not streaming the audio.
Final line of helper app log gives me this...

_sockprintf:391 unable to write to socket: 792 errno: 10053 Unknown error

Have tried self test on triode app and get this:

Helper App Running PASS
Logged In PASS
Spotify Metadata OK PASS
Streaming from Spotify FAIL
Unable to start streaming from Spotify - check connectivity to Spotify

Have also tried uninstalling and re-installing applet with a re-boot in between, and that hasn't worked.
Any ideas??
Will, UK