View Full Version : SACD/DSD file support? Generally: How to add support for a new file type?

2013-03-13, 02:22
Is there any activity going on in order to get DSD file (.dsf and/or .dff) support for LMS?

I thought that quick solution could be achieved with dsd2pcm (or dsd modules of mpd or foobar) and custom-convert.conf + custom-types.conf but I just couldn't understand how get LMS to support new file types. I guess plugin is needed for that. However I couldn't find any other (up-to-date) plugin that would add support for a new file type and that I could use as an example. I also quickly looked at Slim::Formats but didn't quite get it how to add support for new file types.

2013-03-13, 03:31
You could look at the PlayWMA plugin. It uses mplayer to provide WMA support (on non Windows servers) for players which do not support WMA .
You should change custom-types.conf to define a file extension and filetype.
You should change the custom-convert.conf to use your convert app and also change the filetype.

If you are using Windows as server OS - then the custom-convert.conf has some changes in syntax dealing with the file name.