View Full Version : sb wireless, browse causes reboot

Biro, Stephen G.
2004-11-19, 18:42
I don't yet know enough about the wireless sb to get low enough debug info,
but here is what I have thus far:

When I have my sb on my wireless network, it boots, registers, get it's
config, connects to the server and all seems fine. I scroll through the
menus. and usually within 10-15 seconds navigation delays or freezes....one
you see this you know in two seconds or so, you know the blank screen is
coming, followed by some sort of sb self imposed reboot. Then the process
starts all over again.

I have done the suggestions in the FAQ and discussions:

- latest AP firmware, no go

- completely unsecure net, no go

- auth with forced shared auth, no go

- changed ap channels, no go

- brought server (my laptop) close to & far from the sb, no go

- brought sb close to & far from AP, no go

- brought server close to & far from AP, no go

- tried browsing slowly or fast, no go

- turned off rss screen saver, no go

When browsing, I need not browse the library or radio stations, I can simply
browse the root menu and it will eventually give up the ghost. However,
when wired to the net, it is rock solid. Also of note in wireless, if I am
able to get it to tune a radio station before a crash, it will play forever
without crash - pick up the remote and browse.whammo.

UPDATE: Odd. just wanted to retest this problem tonite before sending this
note..and now, I can't get it to act up at all..even tried to scroll as fast
as possible.no hesitation in the display, lookups, etc.. and it won't
crash.. AP is completely open again, channel 2, plain jane --- just as
before when I first plugged everything in.the only thing that I can see
different is that there are fewer APs in range - during the day there are
about 6, right now only three..looks like "MSHOME", "NETGEAR", and "linksys"
are MIA. hmmmm wonder if that has anything to do with this problem - perhaps
the sb get confused and disconnected when too many APs are in range, or when
they appear/come online? Is this possible?

Sorry for the long post, but don't yet know how to focus the debugging. is
the AP firmware code open? Can some of these "wireless handler" routines be
looked at?


As an aside, in wireless (didn't test wired), sometimes browsing radio (eg.
Shoutcast) the box will sometimes say that it lost connection with server
and freezes on that display - no response to remote etc.hard reboot
required..yet server can still tell box to play track, turn off, etc. Would
be nice if the box would "lose connection" but then retry, or at least go to
screen saver allowing remote to work again, instead of just freeze.