View Full Version : UPnP MediaController: "Must Have Feature" for future squeezebox server

2013-03-03, 17:19

Here is a suggestion for the future of the squeezebox server. There have been requests for this in the forum, without the people even realizing it (This thought is finished at the bottom of this post)

This feature would help to make this software interoperable with other hardware and therefore increase the value of Squeeze box software and devices.

From reading on the internet; The UPnP/DLNA standard has three parts:

1) UPnP Media Server: Supported by Squeezebox Server, this is usually the part that people refer to when they talk about UPnP and DLNA

2) UPnP Media Renderer: Supported by Squeezebox Server (can control; push music to my squeezebox touch from the synology ds audio app on my iphone), some people are not aware that the Squeezebox server software supports this. Using any software that is a media controller, you can control any of the squeeeboxes on your network, so can start and stop songs on a Squeezebox Touch using any software that is a UPnP media controller, can send/push media from any UPnP media server to the squeezebox touch, not just media from the Squeezebox server itself.

3) UPnP Media Controller: this is the MISSING piece! If this was added to the squeezebox server, then using the familiar squeezebox software one could control squeezebox devices AND any DLNA/UPnP compatible device. So from iPeng on my iPhone, would be able to control iTouch and other UPnP/dlna devices.

Back to the statement I made at the top of this post. There are many pieces of software including iphone apps and others that have UPnP Media Controller functionality. People may not know that this feature is called UPnP Media Controller, but once they have it and send media from device to device, they want to know if they can control UPnP/DLNA devices from the squeezebox software.

2013-03-03, 17:23
How does Whitebear fit into all this?