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2004-11-19, 11:57
Your right, Not a Squeezebox in sight, though the bloke who demo'ed the Roku
to me did mention slimserver and the fact that it was Open Source.

The big Roku is *too* large IMHO, the small one's display is not better than
the Graphical Squeeze. I see no reason to downgrade ;-)


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I've just been to the London Mac Expo. I was sorry t find that the
Squeezebox wasn't on display in the Digital Lounge.

The Roku was. I think I did somewhat prefer its looks (and clarity of
display) to the Squeezebox. But we all know that its functionality is
not as good.

Hermstedt's Hifidelio is an interesting product. It seems to be a
music server for the consumer market, essentially a computer
dedicated to music use. 80Gb hard drive, CD player and recorder, MP3
ripper, inputs and outputs to amplifiers, internal CDDB database
(which can be upgraded via a computer, not sure if it can be done
directly), 802.11b. It isn't clear to me if additional music can be
put on an external hard drive. If it can, one of the main weakness
would be addressed, that is that 80Gb is too small if one wants to
use FLAC rather than MP3. As you can see, it doesn't need a separate
computer, though the 802.11b does allow access to another computer.

It can play music in different rooms (different streams) if a
suitable receiver is in the other room. They say that currently the
only compatible receiver is the Roku. I don't know if it would be
worthwhile for Slimdevices to discuss with Hermstedt the possibility
of the Squeezebox being made compatible.
Daniel Cohen