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2013-02-17, 06:00
These past days I had been thinking of changing over to Sonos, since at the moment one can get good money for SBs and I wanted to invest into a living infrastructure.

There had also been troubles and frustration with my SBs, but as I found out they were mainly caused by my LMS on a low power device.

I bought a Sonos connect and it is a great device.

But then after a while I realized what I would miss changing over. So in a way it started a new love story with my SBs and I remembered why I had chosen the SB system instead of Sonos years ago.
Seeing that there really is development going on in this forum, that will let me expand my SB setup and - should a device die - replace it with a "homegrown" SB.

So in other words, it is sometimes good to look around for new stuff, because it makes you realize what you have got.

2013-02-17, 06:24
So in other words, it is sometimes good to look around for new stuff, because it makes you realize what you have got.

welcome back. ;-)

2013-02-17, 06:38
IN the same mood i installed some plugins i never used before this day . including playlog (wondefull plugin ) , so even after years of use there are still new things to try :)

(And I stayed clear of the "non x86" cpu trap, all issues multiply when you cant run transcoders and get plugin problems all the time )

2013-02-27, 06:31
I'd be completely lost without my SB :-( I have 3x SB3 and one Boom and we ALWAYS have music on in the house. Nothing else comes close in my eyes.

So I've never had the leave >> come back scenario since I've been hooked ever since the day I bought my first SB (followed soon after by the self-install LCD screen upgrade!).

I used to think the saddest day was when Slim Devices sold out to Logitech, but an even sadder day was when Logitech sold us up the river and abandoned it. Let's hope a community-funded project takes off. I'd even buy a community-funded product even though my current SB3 setup is working, just to support it!

Sorry, I'm going off-topic here...


2013-02-27, 08:33
As much as I enjoy my SB system I doubt that I would look to a community funded SB should I have to look to replace my system. Perhaps if a new company came to life and ran with this I may take a look. The challenge I see is that the SB system which I do enjoy requires some tinkering from time to time. To say it is more technical then some of the other industry offerings would be correct. Yes you may get some more features because the system is more open but I know my wife could not resolve all issues should they arise. Thus I could not see a community funded SB system solving this issue and in fact I see it possibly becoming more technical.

With all that said, I will keep my SB system until I can no longer keep it going which I do not see happening for years to come. I have all somewhat new hardware with the Slim Devices Classics being my oldest technogies in my SB system. Heck there are people with even older SB tech running still.