View Full Version : Squeezebox replacement candidate Simple Audio taken over by Corsair

2013-02-12, 09:15
Corsair is a large player in the PC market - SSD memory, USB drives power supplies, gaming peripherals, cooling and computer cases. Today Corsair announced having bought lossmaking Roomplayer manufacturer, Simple Audio. Corsair has a well built up distribution channels in the PC-enthusiast segment which I find bodes well.

Pascal Hibon
2013-02-12, 12:25
Sounds like a very familiar story...

2013-02-12, 13:40
Sounds like a very familiar story...

Yes that will help them sell lot's of 500 boxes onto the specialist audio market......

2013-02-13, 01:47
You have to hand it to the guys at Simple Audio. They are hardly out of the blocks, with a system that still isn't bedded in, and they manage to take Corsair for millions.

First Slim Devices, now Simple Audio - Sonos must be p*ssing themselves laughing as they watch all their competitors commit suicide like this.