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2013-02-11, 18:11
First - my Slimdevices Squeezebox journey: I bought my first, a wired black SB2 for $249.00 directly from Slim Devices, still have the invoice. For years, it was the center of our listening universe -powering (3) zones of music. I appreciated that the optical, coaxial and RCA outs were all active simultaneously. As time passed, features were added and the great product just kept getting better. I leveraged the fruits of the slim dev team's excellent work. I particularly appreciated the geek port which I used with IR Blaster to control my Denon receiver. Once I decided to grow the family, I did in earnest. the current fleet consists of (1) Touch, (1) Slim Branded SB3 (3) Logi SB Radios and (4) SB2s. The original SB2 is still in daily use and hasn't skipped a beat. I also decided, that since my favorite SB model was the '2' and was long since discontinued, I would visit EBAY in search of the occasional SB2 aution to buy spares.

Here's where it gets most interesting, st least for me. One EBAY purchase was described as a NIB Slim Devices Squeezebox 2. Yeah right, I thought as I made the winning bid. Must have been at least 7-years since Sim had EOL'd the SB2. Box arrived, I opened it and I'll be:

2013-02-18, 09:52
Lucky find indeed! I managed to score a black one some time ago. Still the best form factor in my opinion. SB3 is too tall for my tastes (considering my logistic needs especially).

2013-02-25, 05:38
If someone had only unwrapped and used the SB2 and none of the cables or remote, I'm not sure how you could tell for certain whether it was NIB or had been used 24x7 for the past 7 years. I get a small chuckle every time I read an eBay or classified listing for some electronic gizmo that claims to be "used once" or something similar.

2013-02-27, 13:47
You could tell from the VFD. Before storing mine I checked and it was in pristine conditions with no sign of uneven wear.