View Full Version : "This player is already registered to another user"

2013-02-04, 19:18
Does anybody know how to reach Logitech re this issue on a used player? I found a web page to lodge a support question but it's been a week and I've had no acknowledgement at all about my support question. Not even a support number. Nada. I do see a telephone number but I had to think of spending hours on the phone...


2013-02-04, 19:33
See the menu item "Support" in the upper right corner of this forum screen? Try that. It will give you information for contacting Logitech via email or telephone. Also, if you contact them by email be sure to check the spam filter on your email program, because tech support replies are often incorrectly identified as spam and never make it to your inbox.

2013-02-05, 05:35
I'd call support. Whether by email or phone give them all the info they need to correct it. Player model, player MAC, your MySB login ID.

Also, which player? You can also try contacting the previous owner by looking up that players MySB ID (i.e. email). Maybe that person can delete player from their MySB account.

2013-02-05, 14:00
No email, no email in spam, no communication. However, I just checked and it's fixed! I use it for my own music and hadn't noticed that whatever didn't work before now works. If memory serves, no Pandora, no radio stations, no podcasts -- and all that is working now. Happy, happy!

2013-02-06, 04:41
You can log into your www.MySqueezeBox.com account and go to Players, it shows all of your players now?

2013-02-06, 19:36
Yes it does. All of the players are there. I'm sure it was there before. I was certainly controlling it from my Android phone. I just couldn't do certain things like play radio stations or podcasts.