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Mark Teigen
2004-11-18, 16:32
I just received my Squeezebox last week. I have it attached to a Linksys
Wireless- G Router. (WAP54G).
It works GREAT! I also only use the wireless to cruse the net while on the
deck or other parts of the house. I don't see that mush if any slow down.
The setup is pretty much idiot proof (or I got lucky).

So far GREAT product and supper software. I do most of the controls with my
IPOQ and TelCanto Pocket PC Client. I've used the remote just for setup and
internet radio. The TelCanto software is real cool. Just sit back and tap
out your play list on your PDA!

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Thanks for the answers everyone. I'm not too bothered about a potential
speed drop as all I use the wireless network for is surfing the net
with a laptop while sitting in front of the fire!

I will check to see if it's a split design though as someone suggested.


Jason wrote:

>Yes, the squeeze should work fine, however it only supports 802.11b so your
>network will be in a hybrid mode operating below maximum 802.11g speeds.
>If this is not accepteable then purchase a hardwired squeezebox and a
>separate 802.11g bridge to get the squeezebox onto your wireless network.
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>Thinking about buying a squeezebox but cannot any info on the docs or FAQ
>relation to 802.11g.
>I have a linksys 802.11g access point running 64bit WEP encryption and was
>wondering if squeezebox will work fine with one of these?