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Ralph Edington
2004-11-18, 16:05
Well does anyone know if SqueezeBox is going to be released in a native G
version any time soon?


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The squeezebox does not support g.
it only supports b.

If your AP will support split b & g then great, otherwise all traffic will
run at b speeds.


"Steve" <steve (AT) fremen (DOT) co.uk> wrote in message
news:419D14A3.7080506 (AT) fremen (DOT) co.uk...
> Thinking about buying a squeezebox but cannot any info on the docs or
> in relation to 802.11g.
> I have a linksys 802.11g access point running 64bit WEP encryption and
> was
> wondering if squeezebox will work fine with one of these?
> Steve