View Full Version : Does crossfade work?

2013-01-26, 19:14
I have a squeezebox touch and a squeezebix duet.
I tried enabling the crossfade effect in both systems, but they don't work/crossfade?
I even went into the mysquezebox website to eanble the crossfade, it still didn't work.
Any suggestions will be appreciated.
Thanks in advance

2013-01-26, 20:12
There may be a more technical term for it, but I have notice the same on my touch compared to my Transporter and SB3. I assume it has to do with the added GUI that brings up the album art, making the crossfade slower or not at all.

2013-01-26, 21:14
Works fine for me when using my local LMS. Over the new year I had a Touch, SB2, and Duet Receiver synchronized and crossfading just fine. Of course, crossfade also works un-sync'd.

How many seconds have you specified for the crossfade, and what type of crossfade? Note that if you choose "Smart Crossfade" then LMS will not crossfade consecutive tracks from the same album.