View Full Version : SB1 - Old School - But a sticky proposition

2013-01-26, 13:37
Going through some old boxes and came across this beauty. Many a happy hour of listening on this original SB1. I also remember upgrading this one to the higher resolution display back in the day.

As you can see - it has 'gone sticky', like many of the others did. What is the cure for this? Or does anyone have a spare case for an SB1? It still works and has that lovely vintage sound (ah-hem...!) - would be great to get it back into circulation in the guest bedroom.

Thoughts and suggestions welcome!

2013-01-27, 21:03
Success! For those who go after me... I dis-assembled the unit (easy to do with a tork screwdriver) and then had a really good go at the casing with a dish scouring pad - the kind with a sponge on one side and a more abrasive plastic finish on the other. Tiny bit of soap + water and about 20 mins of elbow grease - this thing looks as good as new.

I now remember the flakiness of the SB1 when playing FLAC files! I'm using a wired connection, but that buffer was small. Still plays mp3's without issue and can even sync with my other slim devices. Just like the old days.

Is this a tech-antique yet?

2013-01-27, 23:22
Is this a tech-antique yet?
Tech antique? I think not yet. But a tech classic? Absolutely!! Nice job cleaning it up.

2013-01-29, 15:33
Great tune!