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Neil Davidson
2004-11-18, 13:08
I would also get an all in one unit if they were available for my bedroom,
especially if they had the option of being powered by a bunch of
rechargeable batteries too (AA size would be best) :)

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Kevin O. Lepard wrote:
>> who about creating a SB with integrated speackers ?
>> It would be great to have all-in-one
> No argument there. I would love a couple of these for the house, or
> something like the Bose iPod Sound dock for the squeezebox.

Me too. When I bought the Squeezebox, I was actually looking for a
clock radio replacement. I'm running mine in the bedroom with a junky
little amp and a pair of wall-mounted speakers, but an integrated unit
would be neater and more convenient for that location.

Bill Burns
Long Island NY USA
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