View Full Version : Hello and Q about SoftSqueeze

Ralph Edington
2004-11-18, 12:11
Hi all, I'm new to the list here.

I'm evaluating SlimServer and Softsqueeze in preparation for buying a
Squeezebox (or several!)

Everything was working fine, until I upgrade to SlimServer 5.4. Then I
started getting runaway CPU usage when streaming internet radio.

Since WinAmp didn't cause the same problem when I streamed from the
SlimServer, I figured the problem must be SoftSqueeze.

Sure enough, when I back-revved from the SoftSqueeze version 1.12 that came
with 5.4, to version 1.11, the problem went away.

So, Q is, anyone else see the same problem? Or is it just me?

And, Q #2, is this the best place for SoftSqueeze issues? Or is there
another listserv just for that?