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2013-01-04, 08:32
Hello and Happy New Year to all.

I was looking for a solution to switch automatically to my local LMS (or one of my local LMSs) without having actions on my squeezebox radio interface (and to increase the WAF of the beast).
Did not find anything about this kind of tools and I took advantage of my holidays to create an applet for squeezebox radio (non-EU).
The purpose of this applet is to switch automatically when a local LMS is available on my private network (PC, NAS, ...).
If multiple servers are up on the network, the applet refers an alternate server to be able to switch quickly when the active one go down. For now, there is no LMS primary / secondary or priority level. This option will be for the next version.
If the active server is "mysqueezebox.com", it will automatically switch on the local server when it is available.

I do not know if other people also have this need, it is for this purpose that I wrote this post. So if people need this functionality, if they want to test the applet, tell me it so I will distribute the archive of the applet.


2013-01-04, 09:33
The "Server Power Control" plugin does this. Have a look at the "3rd party software" forum.

2013-01-04, 10:35

thanks for you answer.
If I understand the purpose 'Server Power Control' is a server side pluging used to manage server (hibernation, shutdown, autowakeup).
The purpose of the applet is to act on client side by looking for a local server and switch on it to always use local servers when they are up.
For me, when a squeezebox is liked to a server, the only way to connect it to an other one is to make some actions on squeezebox interface and to select an other collection manualy, or to send a command to the server via CLI to tell to the squeezebox to connect to an other server.
Perhaps I'm wrong, but it is what I understood. It is why and I created this applet.


2013-01-04, 10:52
The plugin does that, too.
It can automatically send players to MySB when the server is sent to sleep and pull them back to the server when it's waking up again.

Edit: but sorry, I read your post too fast.
I thought you were looking for a solution, didn't read that you actually wrote an Applet.

Actually I would find that Applet useful (I don't use Server Power Control), do you have a link for it?
Does it work with completely disconnected players, too? I rarely send my players to MySB but sometimes they lost the server connection when I restart the server (or one of my players temporarily loses WiFi connection). This is where an auto-reconnect could really help me a lot.

2013-01-04, 11:29
yes the first version of the applet is ready to use.
I try to never use mySB.com and I made the choice to always go back to local LMS when mysb.com is selected. It can be an option for the next version.
The applet covered my needs today by switching automaticaly to a local up LMS (never on mysb.com). My last need is to put a priority with several local (or not) LMS.

I put the archive file on my answer, I have not yet the time to create a repository for the project..

If you have some suggestions about (your) needs for this applet you are welcome.
I am very new in SqueezeBox environment and I want to know if I go to the right way by sharing my job on this forum.