View Full Version : FLAC tags in WinXP

2004-11-18, 08:10
Richard Scott wrote:
> I have found that the best extractor/converter out there is Easy CD-DA
> Extractor 7.5. It comes with all the tools you need (and user
> friendly interface) to rip into pretty much any format, but also can
> convert from pretty much any format to any other format (DRM versions
> excluded obviously). I use is religiously. It has a free 30 day
> eval, and I think then is only $25 to register. More than worth it.

I'll second the recommendation for this program, which I've been using
for a while. The developer maintains a forum for registered users, and
responds promptly to bugs and feature requests, too.

Bill Burns
Long Island NY USA
mailto:billb (AT) ftldesign (DOT) com