View Full Version : Which streaming services (eg LastFM napster Spotify) display on SB Duet controller?

2013-01-02, 10:08

I am a later adoptor to streaming services. I don't have a touch just classic SB's and the duet controller (the one with the jog wheel and display). Will any streaming services work using the duet controller showing tracks/albums/artists? Alternatively i have an android smart phone, if the SB controller doesn't work, can anyone advise on this (this would be second best).



2013-01-02, 12:14
Just to get a clear picture of what you are looking for? You are asking if the remote for the duet will show album art, track info.....via using a internet streaming services? I know that Pandora shows album art and I think LastFM will also. As far as apps for your android phone, there are several out there that work really well. I have a Windows phone and use an app when I am not in the line of sight of the SB unit. Most of the apps will require you to use WiFi to connect to the network to access the SB's and LMS

2013-01-02, 22:47
Regarding playback that's up to the player and not the controller .

Classic aka Squeezebox 3 can not use logitechs oficial spotify app for example , you must use triodes plugin on your own server , so these older players would not be able to use mysqueezebox.com exclusively for spotify ( but it works fine if have local server ).
I actually don't know much about any other limitation as streaming services are a bit limited where I live , any service using AAC may also need serverside help .

I think mog and other works without limitations if you live where you could get them .

Edit: LastFM has an surprisingly shoddy deal with logitech actual playback is not supported in many countries at all , being able to hold a lastFM membership is not enough the list of countries supported for squeezeboxes is much less than that .

2013-01-03, 03:38
thanks for your helpful replies.

Just to be clear I'd like to use the SB duet controller if possible as my main controller and I'd like to use a good streaming service where the albums / tracks / artists / similar music / upcoming list etc etc is all on this controller. I am also in the UK so MOG is not an option, its not released here yet despite lots of promises. Ideally i'd like to test as a free trial period.

If this fails, then yes i'd take the android app option.



2013-01-06, 05:35
Can existing napster/lastFM users comment on whether a full album and choice menu is shown on the duet controller's colour screen when using Napster or last FM? thanks

2013-01-06, 09:15
My controller displays all track info, artist and track additional info options and album art for last.fm quite nicely, although a couple of years ago I had to start a $3/month subscription to use it with the Squeezebox lineup. For me, though, it was worth it as I use last.fm 90% of the time due to its wider music selection than other services. But Pandora and Slacker also work well with the controller. (I have never tried Napster, Spotify or MOG.)

That said, it's been some time since I've used it, as the Squeeze Commander Android app works so well, and it's much quicker to wake up my phone which is already on my belt than to find and wait for the controller to wake up. With the larger display and touch control on the phone, too, it sort of seals the deal.