View Full Version : Ripping in iTunes - advice on settings wanted.

Anthony James
2004-11-18, 08:11
I'm partway through ripping my collection of >700 Cds (that's a finger
in the air estimate - they're all over the place) and reripping the
stuff i did when i got my iPod at 128-192 MP3. Basically looking for
a bit of advice on bit-rates and options but trying not to open a can
of worms.

I'd love to rip lossless but more discs are not an option. The server
has a 250gb drive but that's meant to hold digital photos and some
video as well. I reckon i can spare 100plus Gb for music.

I'm using iTunes to rip as it's got a good simple interface which
means SWMBO can help out. Gracenote also seems pretty reliable for

I started off at 320kbps MP3 joint stereo then decided that was a bit
excessive and switched to 256 JS VBR highest quality. A few discs
that iTunes wouldn't recognise have been through WMP10 at 256

Any comments on these settings or advice on how to proceed?