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2004-11-18, 07:33
Hi Dan,

Thanks for the advice.... I've just gone ahead and ordered a 250gb
linkstation, so the link you've provided will no doubt prove very useful!



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after much pain, I was able to set up slimserver on the linkstation. I am
glad I did. Scanning is slower, it seems to have trouble playing and
scanning at the same time. But in general response time switching songs or
switching shoutcast radio URLs is much faster, in my experience. (But my XP
box is need of its annual re-install.that probably why it is so slow.) The
best thing is being able to leave the linkstation on 24/7 w/o generating
much heat or noise.

Check out:

there is a how-to file that has been wrung out a few times now.

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> Hi,
> I'm thinking of buying a 250gb Buffalo Linkstation to store my MP3
> collection and run SlimServer. Will the linkstation be up to the job? Is
> anyone else running a similar setup successfully?
> Cheers,
> mil