View Full Version : Styling, radio, and ripping

Simon Turner
2004-11-18, 06:56
> Visitors have all been impressed by functionality of the two
> squeezeboxes I have but still think it looks a bit 'cheap'. I'd like
> to see something that looks like an audiotron - full 19" hifi separate
> unit with a metal case and front panel controls. It wouldn't need a
> full replication of the remote buttons - scroll wheel, forward, back,
> add to playlist and play would probably be enough.

Cheap? Plug ugly are the words I'd use. I agree with the sentiments about
the case but cannot see the point of any buttons when I have the remote
(power would be good perhaps). My problem would be with the position of the
wireless aerial. If it sticks out of the back of my hifi rack my signal
level would be severely reduced.

Simon Turner
Brighton UK