View Full Version : FLAC for dummies

Jason Holtzapple
2004-11-17, 20:07
> I am going to be getting my NAIM AV2 in a short while so am planning to try
> FLAC and SB digital with it. I currently do MP3 ripping with EAC, Lame and
> Qtag. What is an appropriate set of tools for producing and tagging FLACs
> (on XP)? Is it essentially the same as MP3's just with a different encoder
> and different tagging tool?

I think the standard Windows FLAC frontend that you can get from
the main site at http://flac.sf.net/ will do the encoding and tagging
for you. If you search around a bit you should find some guides to
setting it up with EAC (check www.hydrogenaudio.org).

I think the only thing you can't do in 1 step is add album replaygain,
if you're into that sort of thing. I recommend using the maximum
compression setting (8).