View Full Version : Need help getting my (original) Squeezebox working on Mac

2012-12-09, 19:45
I was an early adopter of the Squeezebox, buying one that plugs directly into my receiver back in 2003. LOVED IT.

Then a couple of things happened. One, Logitech bought the company and seemed to just start messing things up. Two, we got a Mac.

For the last year I have not been able to get my actual Squeezebox (the one plugged into the receiver and connected to my wifi network) to connect with my Mac (which has the server software running, apparently).

Can someone help me troubleshoot. I have no idea why it won't connect, except if I had to guess it has something to do with the squeezebox server. E.g. it is difficult to open/run on the Mac. It seems like I need to install it every time, or restart the utilities file. Its just not intuitive.

Once we get them connected and speaking, my second question relates to how I run Pandora over the Squeezebox server.

Thanks for any and all help!!

2012-12-09, 20:05

I figured out that the wireless security password was blocking my Squeezebox from connecting to the network, and I fixed that. My Squeezebox (e.g. the device plodded into my receiver) is now connected to my computer. BUT, now when I am on mysqueezebox.com and I search for players, it does not identify any. Does my squeezebox.com not recognize the old Squeezebox device? And if so, is there any way to stream music to it?


2012-12-10, 03:16
Should work fine.

Log into your MySqueezeBox.com account see if players show up. Sure your login info is correct on your players and LMS server? You had this working before but is now not working on a Mac? Or you purchased the player used and may already be connected to a different MySB account?