View Full Version : playlist question

2004-11-17, 17:12
at some point i added my entire collection to a playlist in order to do an
itunes style play randomly feature. it never worked that well (seemed
sluggish) but my question is - how do i get rid of this playlist? when i go
to saved playlists i see a list of artists and albums just like i do when i
'browse artists'

according to my server settings my playlists should be saved in
/mnt/music/Music but all i see there is __00_04_20_05_31_ec.m3u and
_history.m3u. neither of these look like it's the one i want. is there
something i should search for? if i create a new playlist, it shows up in
the correct location - amidst about 500 artist folders. i would like my
saved playlists section to be empty so i can start over.

any ideas?