View Full Version : Help with SqueezePlay please

2012-12-07, 16:04
I am tearing my hair out here. I have just installed SqueezePlay and can't for the life of me get it to connect to my local server. It only seems to want to connect to mysqueezebox.com. It seemed to do this automatically in spite of at one point suggesting that I needed to go to jive.something.com and enter a PIN. However, I didn't get chance to do that as it did something automatically. Then I found something hidden on the Test menu, "SN Registration" that allowed me to enter an email address and password that I had previously registered with mysqueezebox.com. It accepted this but it did not seem to make any difference.

I have been all through the menus and can't see anywhere to switch to my local server. I never use mysqueezebox.com with my hardware players so I am not familiar with what the switching procedure is there.

I more or less have a new computer in that I installed Windows 7 on a new HD and started from scratch again. I did install SqueezePlay on my old XP install not too long ago and I don't recall these problems. LMS itself is running on a different machine from my WIndows 7 box - a Linux server. I just upgraded to the 7.7.2 release yesterday having been on an old 6.* version for a while. I have tried both the 7.7 and the 7.8 versions of SqueezePlay.

2012-12-07, 16:26
Well I don't know what I did but I tried the login to mysqueezebox again and somehow it ended up connecting to my local server.

So problem sort of solved but I'd like to understand better what I should have expected, what is happening, and what I would need to do differently in future if I was installing SqueezePlay afresh.