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Howard Darwen
2004-11-17, 15:29
EAC is good ... Personally, I use Plextools because it's just easier, but it
only works with Plextor drives. Both will rip extremely accurately. EAC will
go straight to FLAC. With Plex I have to go via WAV but it's no big deal. If
you need copies in both FLAC and MP3 you have some issues to deal with - you
have to separate them out in to different folders or slim will get confused
(it sees 2 copies of everything).

I use MP3tag to tag all the files (from a "clean" local freeDB database)
because (despite the name) it seems to tag just about every format, is
powerful, and generally quite easy to use.

On my system, when moving from MP3 to FLAC the difference in sound quality
blew me away ...



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I am going to be getting my NAIM AV2 in a short while so am planning to try
FLAC and SB digital with it. I currently do MP3 ripping with EAC, Lame and
Qtag. What is an appropriate set of tools for producing and tagging FLACs
(on XP)? Is it essentially the same as MP3's just with a different encoder
and different tagging tool?


And yes I will be reporting back on how it sounds with the NAIM AV2, a NAIM
250 (plus power supply) and B&W speakers versus same with a Linn CD12.