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Simon Turner
2004-11-17, 15:15
Can't wait for your assesment of the sound quality (as a Naim enthusiast
As for tagging. I'm not quite sure why you need a tagging tool. I use EAC
and either Lame (for my iPod) or Flac for Slimserver and archiving (I have
two EAC profiles set up) and it does all the ripping, encoding and tagging
for me, including making cue sheets and playlists all in one hit... Windows
It is worth taking time to set up EAC properly (offsets, secure mode etc) to
make sure your rips are as perfect as they possibly could be (for backups so
it's possible to exactly recreate the original CD if you ever need to).

Simon Turner
Brighton UK

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> I am going to be getting my NAIM AV2 in a short while so am
> planning to try
> FLAC and SB digital with it. I currently do MP3 ripping with
> EAC, Lame and
> Qtag. What is an appropriate set of tools for producing and
> tagging FLACs
> (on XP)? Is it essentially the same as MP3's just with a
> different encoder
> and different tagging tool?
> Thanks
> Graham
> And yes I will be reporting back on how it sounds with the NAIM
> AV2, a NAIM
> 250 (plus power supply) and B&W speakers versus same with a Linn CD12.