View Full Version : Internet Radio link only plays on SB, not SLIMP3

Mike Beranek
2004-11-17, 10:05
Trying to play the following .pls file

Title1=WLS Chicago 890AM

On SB and Softsqueeze the stream plays just fine. But on the Slimpy I just
get a loud "pop".

The stream has the following characteristics:
format: MP3
Bitrate: 24kbps CBR
URL: http://abcrad.sc.llnwd.net:12015/

Can someone test if their Slimp can play this URL? It use to work for me
some months back, not exactly sure what may have changed.

Mike Beranek

Oscar Marsh
2004-11-17, 11:31
On 17 Nov 2004, at 5:05 pm, Mike Beranek wrote:

> http://abcrad.sc.llnwd.net:12015

This stream has a sampling rate of 16 kHz. That's one of the sampling
rates that SLIMP3's decoder can't handle, unfortunately. You might try
contacting WLS's technical staff and asking them about changing it to
22 or 44.1 kHz, which are more commonly used, and work with SLIMP3.

Oscar Marsh
jabber: ojmarsh (AT) amessage (DOT) at