View Full Version : decreasing latency of icecast stream

2012-11-27, 23:15
Greetings --Has anyone had any luck in decreasing latency of an icecast stream to a SB? I have a media server that plays to a hi-fi and also serves up an icecast stream. I use
the SB to receive that stream but it's about 7-10 seconds late. I've tried various adjustments to the icecast server but nothing seems to help.

2012-11-28, 08:28
Do you use a local LMS ?
If you then change the LMS WebUI Settings/Advanced/Network/Radio Station Buffer to the minimum which is 3 secs.
Does the http stream have the proper http headers which provides details about stream bitrate and format.

You'll never get a http stream and a direct to hifi audio link in sync as there will always be network and buffer delays