View Full Version : SBT won't connect to Mysqueezebox.com

2012-11-23, 13:37
Help,Since the last outage my sb radio and my sbt won't connect to msb,thou my sb3 and controller are working fine.
Pain in the backside,the alarm no work on the radio,and what's worse can't get onto spotify.
Any ideas, just keeps saying incorrect password etc...

2012-11-24, 05:17
Touch/Radio > Settings > Advanced > Networking > Switch to MySB.com

That doesn't work? Tried rebooting router and players (i.e. unplug them)?

2012-11-24, 05:26
While in the advanced settings check the server info menu for all pings and ip's etc .

I recently had an oddity with my Radio it claimed that it was "unregistered" on mysqueezebox.com ?

In fact it was not ,the site cheerfully claimed that the player was registered , the symptom the connect to mysqueezebox.com menu just bumped .

It was working perfectly otherwise connecting via my local server and could use all it's app's ? but no direct connection .

Tried different things ,but ended up deleting it from my account and factory resetting my Radio and re-register it ? This kind of thing have never happend to me before but could be a leftover from last weeks server meltdown ?