View Full Version : OT: squeezebox shown in Macromedia MAX keynote Tuesday

Phillip Kerman
2004-11-16, 13:31
I'm not going to deny the fact Flash would mean more work.. and perhaps for
no real benefit. But, I'll counter a couple points. The processor power
needed might not be as much as you think. Flash runs on many phones after
all. They have a version they license called "flashlite" for this. Plus,
they've got some super performance coming in future players.

Legibility from a distance is a good point. However, categorizing Flash as
only eye-candy is short sighted... or, at best, based on past history. Don
Norman of all people said food tastes better when it's presented nicely.
That's a fact. The thing is, putting Flash on the slim-display is not
necessarily superfluous.

Also, Flash skins on the browser interface is a different thing.