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Dan Goodinson
2004-11-16, 03:35
Thanks to everyone that answered! Much appreciated :-)

Just to clarify - the tag tool I use is excellent - it has full
functionality and enables me to set any v2 tags I require. But it
cannot necessarily update v1 tags in the way I want. I believe that
this is the case with ALL tag tools (correct me if I'm wrong.

I don't think you can create custom tags in v1. And I don't think you
can leave it blank. You have to choose a tag which is _close_ to what
you want. I don't think you can specify null or empty tags. Not sure
what the default is, but I seem to have a huge amount of files with a v1
genre of "blues". Nothing against "blues" but I don't have any in my
collection ;-) So for those few tags which will not update correctly
(I've only got a few - less than 10 including the wma files) I've got
some random genres that bug me :-( So when browsing my genres, I see a
single track in "retro" for example. This means that that particular
track won't be in any automatic playlist (unless I manually create a
playlist that includes it.

Do these other tag tools allow me to create custom v1 tags? If so, then
that would completely work for me.

I currently use "MP3 tag tools" which has proved excellent for 99% of my

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We all seemed to have answered your second question and not the
To answer the first, looking at the source, no you can't.
Slim::Format::MP3.pm calls CPAN::MP3::Info::readtags($filename)
According to MP3::Info docs the function is get_mp3tag (FILE [,
VERSION and RAW_V2 being optional. If VERSION is not supplied,
or is false, (which is the case)
the ID3v1 tag is read if present, and then, if present, the
ID3v2 tag information will override any existing ID3v1 tag info.

Bottom line, currently it is not implemented. You can submit a
bug/request to get it added as a server feature and depending on the buy
in/need for it, it will get implemented. Honestly, it is not complex to
add in.



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I've spent some time sorting out all my ID3v2 tags (as these are
the ones I want my squeezebox to use) but last night I realised that in
the absence of ID3v2 tags, squeezebox reads ID3v1 tags. That in itself
isn't an issue, but I realised also that squeezebox reads genre
information from ID3v1 too. This means that I've got a whole lot of
genres that I don't want that are being read from ID3v1.

Can I configure squeezebox to ignore ID3v1? Or do I have to go
through my music collection and correct all the ID3v1 tags too? :-(