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T. J. Angstman
2004-11-15, 10:53
The problems seems to be that the remote "moves with it" but stays
underneath and inaccessible. Holding ctrl was the key.


T. J.

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When you drag teh serach window, make sure you have the pointer somewhere in
lower 1/4 of the search dialog. Some parts of it seem to nto respond to the

Quoting "Thomas B. Malsbury" <slim (AT) malsbury (DOT) net>:

> Sounds like you are using the search feature that is available in the
> SlimDevices skin. If it is blocking access to the softsqueeze display
> and/or remote you should be able to drag it out of the way by holding
> down the control key while clicking on the open dialog window and
> dragging it out of the way. Once you have access to the softsqueeze
> display you can close the search dialog window by clicking on the button
> you used to open it. It is located at the lower right corner of the
> softsqueeze display.
> Tom
> T. J. Angstman wrote:
> > I am having trouble moving a "search" window that is blocking my
> > remote control. I have removed the files from the java webstart and
> > they were all redownloaded again from the server. The search window
> > pops up each time the applet is started before I can do anything. I
> > am using one of the "skins" that come with the server, but I don't
> > remember which one. How can I get it to start up correctly?
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> > T. J.
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