View Full Version : Streaming from other media servers to Squeezebox

2012-11-11, 08:13
I bought a new Philips TV and when trying the android app I realized that I can start a Philips media server (SimplyShare) and it is now possible to stream music to my Squeezebox (Duet) directly from any source that the app can access. All normal information and pictures are visible on the squeezebox controller when streaming this way. As a matter a fact my squeezbox is now also visible to other Apps, but until now it has not been possible to actually stream from those apps to my Squeezebox ("Server is not working....").

I have not seen this kind of features before when using other Media Servers, but I like the possibility of streaming from other sources than those available to LMS/MySqueezebox. Are there other servers like the Philips SimplyShare with the same Squeezebox feature??