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T. J. Angstman
2004-11-15, 10:44
Holding down the ctrl key worked. Thank you very much.


T. J.

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Sounds like you are using the search feature that is available in the
SlimDevices skin. If it is blocking access to the softsqueeze display
and/or remote you should be able to drag it out of the way by holding down
the control key while clicking on the open dialog window and dragging it out
of the way. Once you have access to the softsqueeze display you can close
the search dialog window by clicking on the button you used to open it. It
is located at the lower right corner of the softsqueeze display.


T. J. Angstman wrote:

I am having trouble moving a "search" window that is blocking my remote
control. I have removed the files from the java webstart and they were all
redownloaded again from the server. The search window pops up each time the
applet is started before I can do anything. I am using one of the "skins"
that come with the server, but I don't remember which one. How can I get it
to start up correctly?

T. J.