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2004-11-15, 09:29
Does sound like a prob with the squeeze or possibly a windows driver problem
thing. I would contact slim tech support and explain the troubleshooting
you have done, they will take care of you I'm sure.

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I have done several things to try to narrow this down.

1st - Set up a dedicated server box. This is not high end but should be
adequate. Dell 5150 with an 800mhz PIII with, 512MB Ram and a 200GB HD.
It has a 3-com 10/100 nic in it. The box has a clean install of Windows XP
with Service Pack 2 applied. After getting all this setup I downloaded a
fresh copy of SlimServer 5.3.1 and installed it.

I then connected the SB and saw exactly the same results as before.
Regular drop outs and eventually the player quit playing. If I start the
system monitor on the server it shows regular CPU use spikes to 100% and
then drop off to normal.

I then setup softsqueeze on my laptop, pointed it at the new slimserver and
it works perfectly. To minimize variables, I unplugged the Squeezbox and
plugged my laptop into the same Ethernet wire the Squeezebox was plugged
into. It still works perfectly. I also turned on the buffer display in
softsqueeze and it does show that the buffer drains to about 60% on a
regular basis but then catches up. There are never any drop outs.

Note that I am not using the wireless for my squeezebox, I am wired.

Wouldn't this isolate the problem to the squeezebox?


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It could possibly be the NIC on your PC that is causing this problem.
Somewhere in the Slim archives on their website is mention of a problem with
a certain Intel NIC that had a driver problem which prevented it from
transmitting continuously.

I can assure you guys that there is no conspiracy to hide anything about
Slim not working properly. I did have a problem with my first SB. It
played fine but certain functions would not work correctly and eventually it
was traced to a defective unit, which Slim devices was kind enough to
replace... It was a problem that only affected very early manufactured units

If you guys want to do an experiment I would advise you to try running
Softsqueeze on a PC that is separate from the server. If Softsqueeze is
running fine then the problem is with the Squeezebox, the network connection
to the Squeezebox or something similar.

If Softsqueeze suffers the same buffer failures then the problem is in the
server. I realize it's not practical for a lot of people but the best way
to test this out would be to simply do a clean OS install, put a small
number of tunes in a folder and see how stable the server is. You are
likely going to find that the server runs marvelously after a clean install
and that the problem is traced to some driver/service pack/resource/conflict
that is occurring on the PC.


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I just received my Squeezebox last Friday and am experiencing the buffer
drain problem big time.

My environment looks like the following:
Squeezebox - Brand new out of the box Wired Ethernet version, DHCP enabled
Server - Running on Windows Server 2003 - Default Slim server configuration
v5.3.1. Music files are WMA variable bit rate 215Kbps Switch - Linksys
Etherfast 10/100 both the server and the SB are connected directly to that

While playing music the server runs CPU usage at about 10% utilization,
memory commit is teeny and network utilization runs about 1%. This machine
is not straining at all. Watching the network utilization numbers, it looks
like the server just quits sending and then starts up again.

The buffer emptying happens on this setup every minute or so and seems to
happen in clustered blocks. That is it will drop out 2-3 times close
together and then play for another minute or so. I also setup a Fedora Core
2 Linux box and, as expected, it is better, drop outs come every 10 minutes
or so. My other observation is that if the Slimserver web page is open this
problem gets way worse on both Windows and Linux.

I sure would like to know what the problem is - I love the idea that I can
push music to my receiver of choice and I am hoping the Squeezbox will still
be able to provide this. If anyone has pointers, I would love to hear them.