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2012-11-01, 10:35
In addition to the questions and problems posted here
I noticed the following:

The Squeezebox server on my QNAP (as expressed in my other post this is v 7.6.1 as downloaded from the QNAP website) shows a line at the bottom
"A new version ... (7.7.2) is available. Click here ..."
This links to http://www.mysqueezebox.com/download where 8 different versions are available to download. There is no one for a QNAP.

I also checked from within the QNAP if an update is available, but there isn't.

So is this new version hint wrong?

2. When I start Softsqueeze I get a poop up
"This version of Softsqueeze is optimised for Squeezebox Server 7.5 but you are running 7.6.1. Download Now"
However when I click "Download Now" nothing happens.

If Squeezebox server itself already suggests I should upgrade then I don't think I should downgrade as Softsqueeze suggests, do you agree?

Even if I wanted, I wouldn't know where to get the 7.5 for my QNAP. QNAP does not offer it in their QPKG Center.

Could incompatibilities between LMS 7.6.1 and the 7.5 that Softsqueeze expects be responsible for (some of) the problems that I described in my other post at

Thanks again!

2012-11-01, 11:13
Turn off Software Updates within LMS > Settings, it will no longer bug you to update.

Might want to post NAS software specific questions in the Third Party Hardware section of these forums where the NAS users hang out.