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2012-10-24, 06:48
I have an increasing number of Dolby 5.1 Music Files in my library on the NAS, most have AC3
and some have FLAC format. It would be great if I could listen to this music, exactly as easily
as to my stereo music using Squeezebox and iPeng.

Unfortunately, I do not see anywhere that the SlimServer scans the music library for AC3 files.
It should just need to be displayed side-by-side in the list with MP3 or AAC. There are even
no tags to scan, just the files to be listed. On the Squeezebox itself, we would need
just Passthrough to the SPDIF interface and no decoding.

It is even more surprising to see that the Sqeezeboxes don't support it, considering that most hardware
media players scan for AC3 music files and implement the Passthrough. The Twonky Media server does it etc.
So I do not understand why this was ignored by the Squeezebox developpers and community.

If somebody is interested in Dolby 5.1 music in the different formats, there are fantastic examples to download
from here : http://www.diatonis.com/surround_sound_music.html

It would be so easy to implement. Was this ever discussed, and are there any chances to get it ?

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2012-10-24, 09:07
You can ! encapsulate the ac3 stream in a WAV or FLAC file keep volume at 100% and use only the spdiff or toslink ( analog out will be rubbish ) this works fine .
with flac, tagging would work fine .

There are tons of old treads on the subject .

2012-10-25, 02:57
You can ! encapsulate the ac3 stream in a WAV or FLAC file

Hello to Sweden. What do you mean by "encapsulate" in FLAC ? Which tool does this ? Or is it just a rename of the file extension from .ac3 to .flac ?

There are tons of old treads on the subject

I can imagine that, but how to find them ? I had searched the forum for "ac3", but there was nothing found. Do you have a link to a thread which discusses this.

Thanks again for you help. I am very happy to have a solution.

2012-10-25, 03:11
Never messed with it myself. This any help?

2012-10-25, 14:12
Bernaci, you'll see, it works great. Even with DTS at 1536Kbps.

2012-10-25, 22:30
I mean make a 2ch WAV or flac of the ac3 stream , it would work the same as a DTS cd making only noise until conected to compatible decoder :)

Search for Dolby digital or DTS .

So for example DTS cd ,you just rip it with normal cd ripping software that does not understand dd or DTS it will of course sound like white noise untill conected to a ht .