View Full Version : Please disconnect squeezeplay config from mysqueezebox.com

2012-10-22, 19:20
Before you turn the lights out, please update the software so we can install and configure squeezeplay and the server without need to talk to mysqueezebox.com.

Example. I just installed a new computer and installed squeezeplay. It would NOT configure - claimed it could not contact mysqueezebox.com. I then replaced the config files with the ones from my old machine, and I have a working squeezeplay. Please Please fix this.

Pascal Hibon
2012-10-23, 00:34
Squeezeplay does not need mysqueezebox.com. It is possible to configure it without a connection to the internet. There is a way to back out when it attempts to access mysqueezebox.com, just like you do on the SB players. If my memory serves me right, I believe you can back out by pressing the left arrow key.

2012-10-23, 14:38
Not the version that runs on Windows - or at least I couldn't figure out how. And I have a vague memory that a clean server install also wanted to talk to mysqueezebox.com - but that my not be true or true anymore.

Pascal Hibon
2012-10-23, 23:02
I have no experience other than Windows OS. Squeezeplay for Windows does work without mysqueezebox.com. I don't have a mysqueezebox account and I'm able to set it up anyway. As mentioned, there is a key combination to back out of the initialization process. It works like it does on the SB players.

2012-10-24, 08:34
Nothing like knowing it can work to help find it.

The trick is to hold down the left arrow key. Pretty obvious in hind sight!