View Full Version : Playback from Squeezeserver on a Windows phone

2012-09-29, 13:03
Hello i have been using my Lg optimus 2x with squeezeplay and squeeze commander. I have been very happy with the streaming solution via 3g. I also purchased the new ipad, and for that i bought the squeezepad app along with the inapp purchased playback feature. Using the ipad and squeezepad app along with the Superlux Hd681 headphones. I realised that, soundquality should be a priority in my next phone purchase. I would like to take the Nokia lumia 920 into my consideration. But searching around, it appears that i will not be able to stream my music from my squeezeserver to a windows phone. Am i right about that, or do miss something, or is there something on the way.

2012-09-29, 16:01
Ok Just noticed that the htc 8x comes with a build in amp, to improve sound quality.

2012-09-30, 16:57
Just mailed with the programmer of squeesbox control. The streaming feature is on his todo list, and he might do it later. But there is an application called subsonic music streamer, that will work if i run subsonic on my server.
Just thought i would like to let you know.