View Full Version : Recommendation for subwoofer with crossover (with outputs for two speakers)

2012-09-27, 06:20
I am still scratching my head over my garage/workshop HiFi.

I am using a Logitech Receiver and (as recommended on the forum) have ordered a Muse M50 EX TPA3123 T-Amp Mini Audio Digital Stereo Amplifier (50W Watt RMS x 2) to drive my 4ohm Sony car speakers which I've boxed and screwed the end garage wall. Although the speakers sound good enough for a garage (with my last now defunct amp anyway) there's not enough bass.. and I have a fondness for electronic music with bass (but not exclusively).

I've been looking around to find some inexpensive modern speakers with decent sized woofers (and bass reflex?) that would sound OK screwed against the wall, but on a limited budget (it is only a garage!) I've hit a blank.

My next thought was to get a single subwoofer, one with a crossover so I could route both speakers outputs from the amp through it and it would pass the filtered signal to the two wall speakers. However, the world of subwoofers is one that baffles me.

Does anyone have any experience of subwoofers with integrated crossovers that would work well on a 50w rms amp in the set up I describe? The lower priced the better!

Thanks for any help.