View Full Version : WMA/ASX Streaming on Linux with ffmpeg?

Meshoulam, Arnon
2004-11-10, 16:37
I have been trying it via AlienBBC plugin as Other streams. Not much
luck I must say
Seems to buffer fine and then break out :(


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How have you setup you convert.conf to utilize mplayer? I have done a
little more research and found that XMMP
(http://frozenproductions.com/xmmp/features.html) looks promising for
doing direct conversion from windows media streaming format to mp3. I
have just been having a hard time getting it installed on my machine.
Once I get it, I'll see how it handles the streams and if it can be used

in a manner similar to how you used ffmpeg for the local wma's. Let me
know if you have any luck with it.

You mentioned that you had had minimal luck getting streams to play on
linux, have you gotten any to successfully play? If so, how did you
format the playlist? I have used alienstream in the past with limited
success, but eventually I usually end up crashing the Slimserver. I am
looking for a way to let slimserver handle the stream directly.


Meshoulam, Arnon wrote:

>Mplayer is supposed to support mms - AlienBBC utilizises this. I have
>had minimal luck to get streams to work on Linux - using Fedora 2
>Some samples that have failed for me