View Full Version : Internet Radio - switch to different library?

2012-09-23, 02:04
My Touch is connected to LMS.

Today, for the first time in months, I selected Internet Radio, then Talk - this throws up an info screen saying the device has to switch to mysb.com. All other options such as Music just show a list of stations, or subgroups.

Is this a new feature, or has Talk always switched away to mysb.com?

2012-09-23, 02:09
Something is amiss on your system or network, no such switch is needed. Sure LMS has your MySB credentials? Something keeping LMS from seeing MySB? Tried rebooting router and/or server?

2012-09-23, 02:18
Hmm ... strange. Rebooted server - now under IR I see Staff Picks, Local, Music, World. Talk has disappeared as a category.