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2004-11-10, 07:59
Did you update the firmware on the player as part of the new release? About
the only thing that should affect the signal strength on your player is if
the firmware update did not take or if suddenly the area the squeezebox is
in is no longer getting good wireless signal strength (or the antenna on the
box has become unseated, etc).


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I am using winXP 2nd edition with a linksys wireless router I have the
proper ports forwarded. I am not using the winXP firewall.

My signal is great, I checked it with my pda and notebook. It is stable and
has high gain antennas installed.

Since I upgraded to SlimServer (5.3.1) I have had nothing but drop outs.
It worked PERFECTLY before this upgrade.

the Shoutcast plug-in hogs and I can't play anything using the plug-in
before it drops out.

a Shoutcast playlist is a bit better but it still drops out after a few

Playing my mp3 files on my local LAN drops out after a time too.

When I check my players signal strength, I found it fluctuating from 60% to
0 My PDA - right next to it reports steady 65% signal strength and link =
Very good.

Is there anyway I can reinstall the previous version? Roll back this

Thanks for your help