View Full Version : SB Classic ( sentral third of the screen brighter the left/right) ?

2012-09-17, 00:30
Hi all !

I have 2 sb classic for many years ( 6 or 7) which have been worked flawlessly all this time.
Couple of days ago, I paid attention, that on one of them a cehtral third on the screen is a little brighter
then left and right thirds ( I am not sure it's exactly thirds , look like one). It doesn't bother me , but I wonder if it's a sign that screen might die soon.

Has anybody else expereinced similar problem ?
Is it software/hardware related ?
Has anybody managed to get spare screen and change it ( I hope it will not come to it though)

2012-09-17, 05:00
Any chance the dimmer part of the screen is the most used area of the screen? EQ meter? Most common text? Clock in standby?
If yes, then it is likely just "wearing" faster than the less used portions of the screen.

2012-09-17, 11:24
On my SB2, I saw uneven screen wear after a couple of years (though mine was dimmer in the middle due to a lot of displaying the time when in standby). I now use the FuzzyTime plugin on my SB Classics to reduce the possibility of this uneven wear.

It seems strange to me that the center would have less wear, but your use pattern may differ from mine such that it makes sense.