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2012-09-15, 07:39
Has anyone lost the availability ot ESPN1050 NY recently. Have begun to receive the standard message that this station is unavailable. It has been one of my favorites for two years. If there a new URL address I can grab? What is all this stuff about the death of Squeezebox? Please don't tell me it's going to stop working. This technology has changed my life. Made living in the Orlando area tolerable for a transplanted New Yorker!

2012-09-17, 09:30
They moved to FM...98.7 in New York

2012-09-17, 09:34
ESPN 1050 plays for me on my SB Radio, stream data says 32k mp3, but it is hit & miss, seems to stop frequently, or have trouble starting.
Might be as simple as their servers only allow xx number of connections and it won't play when that number is exceeded?