View Full Version : iphone squeezebox app - why does it require me to login everytime to mysqueezebox.com

2012-09-12, 23:41
One thing that is bugging me is why everytime I start a session with the iphone SB app, I am prompted to enter my mysqueezebox.com username and password and login before I can use it.

In the server interface, I have entered msb.com details and have sb integration switched on. Strangely I notice that the password dialogue box is empty even after I enter the password but that just may be how the interface works.

Anybody got any ideas?



2012-09-13, 01:35
Mine used to do that and then it stopped requesting me to login. It was annoying and afterwards, perplexing.
I now use the infinitely superior Orange Squeeze instead. At the very least it goes into Landscape view.