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2012-09-08, 02:00
There are a few threads saying "what will I do now that the SB is dead" but I don't see an announcement. Is this confirmed? If so I am sad although I wont be leaving the platform any time soon.

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2012-09-08, 02:08
Yep the SB line has been replaced by a Logitech UE line that includes a re-branding of the Radio , Touch is no longer on sale by Logitech , no replacement anounced.

The UE software or online service will not be backward compatible to older squeezeboxes . The UE software is a simplified version geared for mostly online use and a simplified "server" for local files.The UE radio is always connected to the online server even when it plays local files your local server is only another source , no web-UI , interface trouch front panel or iOS or andriod app .

Suggest catching up in the other treads for the gory details :)

2012-09-08, 04:16
This post is a good start, it gives a fairly clear view of what it means for the Squeezebox (it's not an official statement but it comes from a Logitech employee):

On top of this I've also said that there is no reason to panic and buy something else at the moment, your Squeezebox worked great 2 weeks ago, it works great today and it's very likely going to work great next year. It's obvious that Logitech's involvement is likely going to decrease over time but it's also likely that someone else will provide what we need because that's how the market works, it might be an existing manufacturer or it might be someone new, we will just have to wait and see.

2012-09-08, 05:43
A factual error from me in my first response , it is so that an SB radio can be "upgraded" to UE Radio .

2012-09-14, 14:59
Thanks guys. I've digested enough to be comfortable that nothing is threatening my continuing to run my current set up.

I ain't panicking unless plugins start to die.

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2012-09-16, 02:47

I feel the same way, no reason to "panic". My setup will likely work for the next couple of years. Only darkhorse is hardware failure. But on the other hand second hand Duet systems are very cheap (dkk 500) here in Denmark, so hardly a problem.